bio - SPARK

Trained as a pharmacologist, I helped bring a major osteoporosis treatment to market. Now retired from the lab, I manage our beautiful farm and apiary here in the rolling Piedmont of Maryland. I am also devoted to continuing my photography journey, and appreciate you visiting my site. I hope you enjoy seeing some of my favorite images. My goal is to capture for the viewer the emotions and character of my subjects, especially the natural beauty of my surroundings, both near to home, and far away.  

I am a member of one of the oldest photography clubs in America, the Baltimore Camera Club, and travel extensively to gain new experiences. I have studied with fine art photographer Athena Carey and have attended numerous workshops and photography exhibitions.  I am a graduate of Ohio State University and hold a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania.  

Feel free to contact me at if I can be of assistance with your photographic needs.